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Spreading the dA Love: Volume 9

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 1, 2012, 6:42 AM

:heart: :icongoldendaplz: :heart: :icongoldendaplz: :heart:

As the title suggests, this news article series aim to promote wonderful aspects of the deviantART community, from showcasing beautiful works of art, to informing you of great groups, and to interviewing inspirational deviants. I feel so happy being part of such a wonderful community and I hope to make it better, even if it's only a little bit, by making these articles. My goal is to bring to light everything that impassions me and, hopefully, inspire you!


:squee: Showcasing Gorgeous Artwork :squee:


A showcase of art that has simply left me speechless from all genres, from digital/traditional, artisan, emoticons, fractals, etc.

Going Home by HRFleur BEAT by Licheus SS:Chu X3 by Leirix

Fragments of Dreams by Ebineyland Beneath the surface by tuomaskoivurinne

Witch Running by staticwind Digital Pollenation by ChristopherPayne The world is flat by Mathness

Apple Lattice Pie by claremanson Winter Night by Pikishi Zouk's X'mas DJ Mixer by Sliceofcake

My art by I-is-smart 3 Animated Star Dividers by Gasara Past Vs. Present Vs. Future by EternalxRequiem


:squee: Showcasing Wonderful Photography :squee:


A showcase of photographs that have left me in awe from all genres, from nature, macro, fashion, conceptual, abstract, etc.


Mature Content

Fire and ice by Eman333
Near Sighted by IMustBeDead

the magic dust by wolf-minori tangled by quadratiges still by tjasa

lack-03 by georges-dahdouh Yummy Biscuits. .. by light-from-Emirates :thumb272773194:

S e r e n i t y by DarkSaiF pure green by indojo infrared by photographybyfallon

Antelope Canyon by Hengki24 Angel by Pete1987 Rome 126 by AlexGrifo


:squee:  Showcasing Lovely Literature :squee:


A showcase of literature that has motivated & moved me from all genres, from prose, poetry, flash fiction, short stores, etc.

Ink VoiceWhile the other children spilled into the playground, Ren stayed inside. She sat in her beanbag and leafed through a book. Ren loved stories as much as she hated talking. This late into the year, she had read and reread every child-battered book on the shelf several times. And she loved them all.
They smelled like . . . magic.
Stories were doors and Ren used them to fall into other worlds.
Except, not really. She only pretended to do so, and it was hard to pretend when grownups decide to interrupt her quiet reading.
"Which book are you reading today, Ren?" Miss Payper asked.
Don't say a word.
Ren did not look up at her teacher. She continued to read The Gruffalo. It was funny, not scary, and very clever.
"Would you like to read aloud to me?"
If you talk, he will know. Oh, he'll know.
She didn't like reading aloud. Not really. The words were better on paper than on her tongue.
"Is there anything you would like to say?"
Never tell! Never never
The ArtisanWhat is a poet
If not an artisan
Of words?
In his left hand
He wields the pallet of language,
A common instrument
Blemished with the desolate hues
Of disembodied idioms.
In his right hand
He wields the paintbrush of assertion,
An ashen tool with rugged bristles
Pursuing in futility a holy union
With the paint of imagery.
Before him
Lies the canvas of life,
A sapless framework
Subdued in a monochromatic state
Of unchanging fluidity.
And yet,
With the eternal passion of creation,
The poet masters these dismal tools
To craft an intricate verbal portrait,
One with a spirit of elegance.
What is a poet
If not an artisan
Of words?
He is naught.
For the artisan finds his home
In the sacred guild
Of artistry.
And what is artistry
If not a haven
Of verse?

b. 1954He was born to Elvis' first dreamy hit
& a mother who preferred it to the soft
thumpthump heartbeat of her infant.
He was born to a world suffering
the high-pitched paranoia of racism,
the tight lows of war ad nauseam,
the slow slaps of McCarthyism.
He was born to a family familiar
with the thrilling thwack of ringed
fingers on flesh, to a father
who fled the frenzy in favor
of that mellow bass at death.
He was born the first son
and assumed the lead, progressed
from child to man at percussive speed;
Papa was a father long before me.
But seventeen brought new birth:
old guitar instilled young hands with worth.
Those first strings were steel teachers;
they taught him that blood forces to life
immutable love.
Born to the timbre of darkness meeting light,
to the cadence of right versus might --
my father survived jittery discord,
and unwound the melodies only a heart
like his could have found.
She StaysI walk along the pier, your hand in mine, the sun setting beautifully into the grey sea. The mist gently drifts over the water, betraying the cold of winter. I don't mind, though. I only have to look at you, and I feel warm.
It's tough not to sound soppy.
Honestly, I'm not used to having this. I'll never really be used to it. I'd been lonely for a long time before I met you. I didn't think I'd have the kind of relationship that you watch on the cinema screens or read about in novels. I genuinely thought I'd be alone forever.
How wrong I was.
You smiled at me as I walked into Falmer bar and we made eye contact. I returned the gesture nonchalantly. It had been a hard day so far – four hours of academic obligations back to back. Getting up for 10am was still a struggle, even in my third year.
Your smile stuck in my head as I faced away from you, leaning against the bar counter. I ordered a portion of cheesy chips and walked through to the sofas in the back bar, grateful for an oppo
hushi'm done wishing
on shooting stars, and
i want to be done with you:
i'll let dust settle
on my telescope,
let dust settle in
my throat, my lungs.
twist your fingers through
my vocal cords,
press your palm to
my lips and tell me, hush
don't wish on things
falling too fast
to hear you

maybe i'll wish
on seashells
they are quiet houses
for muted ghosts, though
more alive than you
have ever been.
i'll let you
pull me under,
paint my eyes
with salt, blind me
so you can murmur, shh
even dead things
can be beautiful

Dark AngelYour face is as if it's been chiseled by God
Your body is the definition of the stereotypical male version of "sexy"
Your smile knows how to make butterflies appear inside
Your eyes could deceive anyone if you wished so
The way you move, it's as if you're gliding
The way you act, it's as if you had decades of experience
You seem so perfect.
Like there's no flaw within you.
And you've got everyone bowing down at your feet.
Got them thinking you're a masterpiece.
But No One's Perfect.
Behind that glowing shine
There's a dark side to you.
A mischievous part of you that's grim.
Just waiting for the moment to take over.
Behind that sexy smile
There's toxin in your lungs.
Killing you.
Ever so slowly but surely.
Behind that angel-like act
You're committing suicide.
Each one you take, takes 5 minutes off your life.
And you know that.
You're a fallen angel.
A dark angel.
And no one can save you.

Creating and Recreating a SelfIt's a simple thing, like cats
in so many boxes. Truth is, we can't
cope with open spaces, vacant air,
so we fill them with ourselves, dwelling
only on the best or worst, little
parcels filling rows and rows of quiet.
We make our selves foreign, ship them
off to remote places in a strange array
of envelopes and guilt—some needing
stamps, others needing stamping out—
many get sent to Bermuda, on purpose,
the rest just get lost along the way.
Some others get returned to sender
and stared at—like a leftover battery
from a pack of 24, where it seemed
certain they were taken in even amounts—
kept, "to be safe, just in case", but never
used, a remnant from a non-returning
past. That one is something foreign, sent
back from Guatemala, set beside the window,
filling up an unexpected space. It's
a simple thing, like cats in so many boxes.
Trees in the DarkSodium backlights make
marigold colored hydrangeas
and Queen Anne's Lace claws,
painting their silhouettes
in the empty spaces
between stamen and petal.
OblivionIt seems within the stage that is our lives
The curtain is long fallen, departed.
A multitude of broken souls diminish
Fading, falling, unknown and unlamented
Blackened, vacant halls with not an echo to fill them
Are there words to fill this gaping emptiness?
A kind of salvation, hallowed light to pierce otherworldly gloom.
Even a momentary glimmer, a breath of strength.
What are we when the last notes fade?
Who are we when our songs are no longer sung?
In these empty, soulless spaces, there is naught left to play
neither horns, nor even the softest whispers pierce oblivion.
The longest shadow stretches over all
Tumescent, palpable apathy touched, fingertip light, with regret.
There is a lack, a soul-deep necessity
A clarion call for e'en the most ethereal of joy
Yet it is not shadow that blights our souls, our very substances
Nor is it oft' argued apathy, nor searing rage nor shame
It is nonexistence.

Shyi. You say that there's nothing to see, no story behind your walls of whitewash. You tell me everything without saying anything, because we never speak.
ii. You never stop running, and your floor will never be my ceiling. Anyway, you'd never fall through. (They say I'm a little too good at this. I mean, I'm terrible at letting go. Maybe it's best I'll never catch you.) It's such a shame, seeing as I've been practicing.
iii. This is simple, unadulterated observation. I watch, you move. My gaze is objective; you're a work of art. (Or is it piece of work?)
iv. They say you're scarred but you hardly seem the broken type. They say you'd let me in if I braved your barriers.
v. You are the stranger on the sidewalk. You are the darling of the world. You are the center of the circle. You are shy. You span two years of unknowing, falling short of becoming everything.
vi. You have beautiful eyes for a boy.
Salient Reverie   Olive hills entice
  Ringing a thousand years
      Of seeming mockery
    Where weary men often dream
  Of glinting bells                                  
     between such crockery
                   Is this a dagger I see before me?   
                    Golden hilt
                Remove thyself
FrostyAs I walked my daily path,
I came across a breadcrumb road.
Deciding it was worth my while,
I stopped to turn and slowed.
On either side there climbed some roses,
With blackened thorns, monstrous in size,
But through the trees, bare of leaves,
The sun shown brightly in my eyes.
I pulled my coat around me then,
For the path had grown quite small,
And listened to the dew drops splat
When, suddenly, I heard a child call.
"Follow me and my voice will lead you
Into the forgotten world long past,
And there we will confront her
Before she leaves at last."
Chilled to my core, I followed her,
For though I couldn't see, she sounded like me.
The thorns tore eagerly at my clothes,
And everything I thought to try to be.
I arrived at a placid mirror of age,
And as I looked, the reflection turned,
The glass shattered into my heart,
My vision blurred, my eyes burned.
The reflection returned, swollen,
And smiled through splintered fragments.
I reached forward and blood sprung forth,
And away she went w


:squee: Showcasing Fun Groups :squee:


Here I will inform you of cool groups I have come across or have been recommended to that I feel need some more exposure.


"This is the Group for the Relativity "comic-fiction" series created by *Ravenswd and `Mirz123. This group will contain the written pieces mirrored from the website, on a one-week delay basis. The gallery also features various art showcasing the characters and the Relativity universe. Updates on what's new on the Relativity site, as well as dA, will be posted to the Group periodically."


:squee: Suggested DDs :squee:


A selection of DDs I have suggested this month and any that have been accepted.

Sumi-e: Take to the Sky by catherinejao Serene by bypolar-bear

:star: Abstract by insolitus85 :star:

Awarded DD on: 12-22-2011


:squee: Interview: dekorAdum :squee:


Here I will interview an inspirational deviant I have picked or one suggested to me.

:hooray: :icondekoradum: :hooray:


My name is Adam. My lovely friends call me Adum(b), Addypoo or Addykins. (most of my nicknames are from im-not-sana :heart: )

The story behind your username?

Well back then, I saw an anime and I loved the name Yukii, and I'm so into japanese culture, I decided to name my account Yuki-Kun....but someone already stole it from me :stare: so it became YukiiKun. Although if I'd have the chance, I'd rename it to something else. A lot of people thought that I'm a girl :|

Tell us about yourself:

I'm 19 years old. I'm at the Decorator Department in Jaschik Álmos Secondary Vocational School. I'm in this school since 2007. I'm gonna finish my Decorator term in 2013. I'm from Hungary and I love photography and art in general.

My favourite season is Fall because of the colors and the smell of the rain :love: I used to love red but now my fav colors are black, dark purple and turquoise. I'm listening to almost everything. But I really like kpop and jrock. But I dislike disco and death metal and stuff like that. It's not my kind of music. Though I used to listen to Deathstars :shifty:

I'm a wannabe hipster but being a hipster is mainstream these days so I decided to become a unicorn. They are so manly and amazing. Deal with it.

How did you discover deviantART?

My amazing friend, Hegyi-Protter showed me this amazing site in 2008. I immediately joined as AdamEnd and decided to deactivate my account because I didn't know how to use dA and felt like no one cares about my artworks. I uploaded crappy drawings and stuff. Didn't joined groups so people would actually notice my stuff and things like this. I'm not regretting that I deactivated. Because after a short brake, I missed this site and rejoined in 2010 as YukiiKun. I bacame a better artist, person and I started to get involved with the community. I love what I do here. Of coure I had black days when I almost deactivated but my friends helped me to calm down and I stayed. I'm so happy that I have amazing friends here. My english got better too. I'm enjoying the skype convos with crazy ppl and I just love this site.

Specializes In:

I'd say Photography. I love it. It's just a hobby though. I'm still learning. My brother helped me to start it in 2007 (after I joined the art school) and since then all I learned is by me or by friends irl and here on deviantART.

And a little digital art. I use muro to create cute stuffs for friends and cimmissioners. Visit my page or gallery for more info :B

Your Personal Favorite(s) From Your Gallery:

03 by dekorAdum I see by dekorAdum Ladies by dekorAdum Hundertswasser by dekorAdum

The first one is because I wanted to try out something new and I spent my whole afternoon to get this shot done "perfectly". I enjoyed it so much.

The second one is because I love my kitty. :meow:

"Ladies" is because I really enjoy what I do (decorator thingy) and I just the 3rd floor. There are our lovely ladies (and some men) dolls we use to make groups and they help us decorate a shopping window. If you'd like to learn more about what I do, please visit my tumblr account!

And "Hundertwasser" is because it was the first time I ever been abroad. I LOVE Vienna, I was there 4 times now and I'm planning to go there more during school brakes and when I can afford it ;)

Favorite Inspirational Deviant:

There are too many to list them. For example I love ScENeYmE's Urban and Rural shots, macros and simply everything in her gallery. She made me fell in love with the U&R gallery.

And there are tonz of others ( fashion-, architecture- & general photographers ) who I love to follow here so I can check out their new stuff.

What are your favorite aspects of deviantART?

dAmn. Because I got to know most of my friends there. I really love it and I'm happy that I was be able to help out Topicality & WDWParksGal during PE's Community Projects weeks. I hosted a trivia and helped looking after the event. It was a great experience and I'm planning to get on dAmn everytime I have time for it :)

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Other artists. I browse for artworks here and I can see how an artist see a thing and I try to show it from another perspective, or simply I use my fantastic IMAGINATION. I'm so proud that I have a wonderfull mind. Without it I couldn't do my job as a Decorator nor an Artist here on dA. I can see in front of my eyes what I'm thinking about. It helps me a lot.

How do you strive to further improve your work?

When there is something that I can't draw well, I practice a lot and try to look into it from every perspective. I'm never satisfied with my results. I try to sind a better way to draw things or try out new techniques to make it even better than it was.

Do you have any advice to fellow aspiring artists?

Never give up. Always try harder so you'll get better from time to time. Use your imagination. Always show your best artworks and ideas to others.


Brother by dekorAdum :thumb257345098:



Thank you for taking the time to read this article! :D

Please make sure to :+favlove: the article to help spread the DA love :heart:

If you have any art/groups you would like me to showcase or a deviant you would like to be interviewed, please :note: note me. Or, leave a comment with your suggestions in this journal, Suggestions for Interviews & Spotlight Artist. Thank you!



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